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Jul 25

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Jun 11


Jun 10

So The Price To The Xbox One Is Confirmed…




Excuse me what? You can do math right?
$499 is NOT £429/
$499 is £330 and
€370, your way makes it so the UK and Europe is paying around $660! You fucking morons you just pissed on the entire conference and ruined it. go fuck yourselves. No one in the UK/Europe is gonna buy that shit.

Jun 06

Snow Villiers Gets A New Look For Lightning Returns

He looks fucking hot now!

Jun 02

And Fully Recovered

As I already said before I am now out of hospital and after a a little while recuperating in the real world I’m back to myself~
I shall start posting as normal as from tomorrow ^^
Thanks for everyones support

May 22

Finally Out

Apologies for not posting for a few weeks, I have been in hospital after a serious back operation.
Thank you for everyone who supported me during this time.

May 12

So Merida Got A Redesign Huh?

So a friend of mine just informed me that Disney decided to redesign Merida from ‘Brave’. Simple question, why?

Merida was a perfect design on how not all women are ‘Prissy’ or ‘Regal’ or ‘so dependent on others’. Merida showed that a lot of women have a back bone, that women can fend for themselves and don’t need a prince charming. She also showed that not all women have to ‘Look good and beautiful and need make up’ and what have you.

But no, Disney want to take away the ENTIRE POINT of the movie by changing how so looks. So you can basically take Brave and throw it to one side because that film means nothing anymore.

So basically now according to Disney women HAVE to be feminine, HAVE to be pretty and HAVE to rely on others.

Good Job Disney, way to be sexist morons.

Apr 25

Apr 24


Just when something starts to go right it falls apart, so much for smiling at all on my birthday.

Its Quite Amazing…

So today was my 21st, I may not care for birthdays but sometimes it nice just to see people trying y’know? To see them go ‘Happy birthday my friend, lets hang out’ or something basic like that. And Even I said to myself, I didn’t really want anything big like they usually try and pull, but if their gonna, it still warms my heart because it show’s they thought about it and cared.

Not today it seems. I don’t know why today was any different but all of a sudden everyone who usually does something or the people who wanna hang out are just too busy. Like, ow, I couldn’t believe how much seeing/hearing that my closest friends/even family were too busy for today of all days.

It usually never bothered me as I was long used to spending my birthdays alone, but now I’ve had a few years where people have actually cared/wanted to bring me out of my rut, suddenly spending it alone again has just terrified me, I haven’t felt more alone In a long time. My heavy birthday depression has returned.